Fields of Work


The AFLC has had a presence in Brazil since the mid-1960's. We currently have three missionary families serving the Lord there along with the national church, AFLC Brazil.


The work of the AFLC of India is led by Rev. Luther Dasari.
Pastor Dasari was trained at the Free Lutheran Seminary in Minneapolis, MN.


The mission work of the AFLC in Mexico is divided up into three entities: The Central Mexican Lutheran Church (CMLC), The Northern Mexico Outreach, and the work of our missionaries.


AFLC World Missions agreed to work in Uganda and sent our first missionary family to the country in 2006. The primary goal is to teach pastors and leaders to plant churches, shepherd their congregations and train other pastors and leaders.


With much prayer and consultation with the Brazilian Field Conference, the World Missions Committee decided to step out and fulfill a long-time dream of the AFLC.  At the 1977 Annual Conference a resolution was passed to have a tri-nation vision for South America. That vision was to have Free Lutheran Congregations in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Therefore, the World Mission Committee resolved to expand our work with the AFLC of Brazil to include Paraguay by sending Matthew and Ednay Abel there to plant congregations.

Matthew and Ednay are spending these first years learning the culture and an intense study of the national language, Guarani.  They have been assisting a local congregation with ministry to youth and have also been involved in a Bible translation team as assistants.


In 2016, the AFLC Annual Conference approved a cooperative church planting effort with AFLC-Brazil and the El-Shadai Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva Switzerland. We are seeking to reach out to Switzerland and even greater Europe. 

The El-Shadai congregation is being served by lay-pastor Augusto Fiuri. Pastor Augusto grew up in an AFLC-Brazil congregation but has relocated to Geneva with his family. Pray for the congregation as they are seeking to call a full-time pastor to serve in Geneva and assist them in planting more congregations in Europe.