Journey Missions is a Department of AFLC World Missions centered on connecting Christians across the globe in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Journey Missions exists to give people opportunities to visit our AFLC Mission Fields through:
  • Ministry Trips: One to Three week mission trips
  • Missionary Assistant: Living cross-culturally for a temporary period of time


The vision for this ministry is for people to serve in a foreign mission field along side one another fulfilling the Great Commission in a variety of ways. Short-Term Ministry Trips and the Missionary Assistant Program give opportunities for volunteers to serve in the ways they are gifted: teaching, preaching, children's ministry, construction, and anything in between.


Stepping out of our communities encourages us in ways to continue to serve in our local congregations.

Where is your journey taking you?

Is God calling you to step out of your comfort zone?

We would love to invite you to experience the mission field. We offer:

  • Short-Term Ministry Trip: Individuals and congregations train for service on a field.
  • Missionary Assistant Program: Living cross-culturally and partnering with a missionary for a temporary period of time.

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