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Todd and Barb Schierkolk have served with AFLC World Missions for some time, starting their ministry in Mexico in 1996.   While leading Student Mission Fellowship in his time at FLBC, Todd grew a deeper interest in international missions. A missionary kid, Barb was impacted by the example of her parents and felt her own call into missions. Now, they have served faithfully together in their home in Jerez, Mexico for over twenty years.  Rachel, Megan, and Kirstie are their three daughters who are now grown.

The Schierkolk’s ministry has centered around planting and disciplining their congregation at Un Lugar de Encuentro con Dios.  They deeply love their town of Jerez: the beautiful history, the tradition of horsemanship, and the delicious tamales.  Committed to guiding the congregation in growth, Todd takes great care in preparing Sunday sermons to continue to establish and equip the church.  Witnessing the transformation of believers from participants in the pew to playing an active role in equipping the church themselves is the hope and prayer of their ministry.

Todd and Barb Schierkolk

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Through their years of ministry, they have been reminded of the truth that anytime someone comes to Jesus, it is a miracle.  It is a miraculous change of the heart through the work of the Spirit of God.  The Schierkolks are convinced that everyday discipleship with their community is not a short sprint but a marathon ministry.  “There is definitely a perseverance aspect of our ministry.” Barb shared, “Can that that be hard? Yes, it can. But can it reap some wonderful blessings? Yes, it most certainly does.” Thus, the ministry Todd and Barb desire to accomplish is very relational.

Investing in their community, the Schiekolks prioritize time spent in Monday and Tuesday kids clubs, Wednesday Bible studies, Saturday youth groups, weekly visitations in hospitals, and community basketball leagues.  With so many years in Jerez, Todd and Barb have enjoyed the exchange from being seen as the American missionaries to now being established members of the community.  Children’s ministry has a special place in the heart of the Schierkolks with their vision of discipleship in their community.  Training children in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Todd and Barb are amazed by the excitement and appreciation of the children that come to kids club. Todd affirmed, “Children’s ministry has been particularly effective in establishing lifelong relationships. It is a very good tool, with a weekly connection with many kids.”

It is the Schierkolks’ greatest joy to witness believers grow in the faith, stunning to see the power of God’s Word working in the everyday reading of it.  One example is a story of a man with only a little education who Todd encouraged to read his Bible.  When the Schierkolks returned from furlough, their friend said that he had finished reading it. “I knew that his Bible was the Spanish equivalent to a New King James, about a 12th age reading level,” Todd shared, “I thought that he had finished the whole book of Genesis… It turns out he had read the whole Bible.” This is just one instance of how the congregation has been given spiritual eyes to see, a hunger to learn and know Scripture. Todd and Barb desire to faithfully continue to serve their congregation and to strengthen believers through the study of His Word.

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