Vision & Goals

The 2007 AFLC Annual Conference asked the World Missions Department to establish and communicate a long-range plan for the future of World Missions. Members of our committee have prayerfully sought God's direction in this area and have set six priorities as visions and goals for the future. They include:

  • A revival of prayer for missions
  • Preparing missionaries from childhood
  • Reaching unreached people groups
  • Pastoral training
  • Developing self- (God-) reliant missions works
  • Compassion for the¬†poor

    The following links will take you to a number of PDF documents that explain the World Missions Committee's vision and goals for the future:

    Our Faith

    The members of the World Missions Committee of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and its missionaries believe and confess the Holy Scriptures (the Canonical Books of the Old and New Testament) to be the Inspired Word of God, revealed for the salvation of men. They are the only infallible and inerrant source and rule of faith, doctrine and life for the Christian.
    The Committee and its missionaries also accept the Lutheran Church's Confession of Faith in the Apostolic, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds, the unaltered Augsburg Confession, and Luther's Small Catechism as correct expositions of the Word of God.
    All doctrinal instruction and action of this Committee and its missionaries shall conform therewith, and to that end the by-laws are promulgated in its Articles of Incorporation.

    Our Purpose

    The purpose of AFLC World Missions is, by the grace of God, to make disciples of all nations through teaching and evangelism.