New Opportunities

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New Opportunities 

*Editors Note* This article was first published in AFLC News 2022, issue 2

“What about the persecution in India?” is a question I encounter often. By God’s grace, as government pressure on Christian ministries is mounting in India, God is providing new opportunities for the Gospel proclamation, Bible training, and Horeb Children’s care to continue.

The 55 AFLC India congregations continue to worship regularly throughout the southeastern state of Andra Pradesh. The Word and sacraments are being rightly administered, and thirty-six of the congregations have their own buildings. Even though they are not yet experiencing persecution, government pressure is increasing. In preparation for further government restrictions, the congregations are encouraging their pastors to pursue official theological training at the AFLC-India Theological Seminary. The school is a tremendous new opportunity for ministry: The seminary meets monthly for classes designed to strengthen the pastors- leading to a theological degree. We pray that the government will recognize this official training should certification for pastors be required.
In conjunction with the Theological seminary, another new opportunity began in July: The AFLC-India Bible College! Fifteen students gather every-other weekend for Bible classes, theological study, and evangelism training. It’s exciting to report that our AFLC World Mission Ambassador Institute curriculum is being used as part of the course of study. India AFLC President Luther expects the number of Bible college students to double next semester. Many changes have been made to the facilities- several of the rooms at the AFLC-India multipurpose building have been repurposed to house an AFLC-I Library, updated classrooms, dorm rooms, and married student living quarters.

Another new ministry opportunity has been offered to the AFLC-I congregations: the continuing Horeb Children Home ministry- now called the Horeb Children’s Ministry (HCM). Since 2020, the government has implemented a policy prohibiting caring for more than five children in boarding schools. To comply with this government restriction, the Horeb Children’s Ministry has reached out to AFLC-I families and widows to host the children and receive the compensation we provide from our HCM sponsorship program through our World Mission supporters. Your $40 monthly gift still blesses the orphans and needy children with clothing, school supplies, and room and board in home-style care by people in AFLC-India congregations. Additionally, some of the congregations host the Horeb children for weekly—and even nightly Bible Clubs—and many of the neighborhood children have been eagerly attending.


We praise the Lord for these new opportunities for ministry in India! And we ask for you to join us in prayer and by helping support the Horeb Children’s Ministry as a monthly sponsor. You can email or call our World Mission office to sign up. Let’s pray for Pastor Luther and his board to have wisdom as they seek to strengthen the congregations through these various new and continuing ministry opportunities.

- Earl Korhonen, AFLC World Missions Executive Director