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Pastor Nate and Rhoda Jore are AFLC missionaries to Uganda, Africa. They have six children: Elijah, Judah, Hannah, Jeremiah, Julia, and Evie Mae. As young adults, both Nate and Rhoda had a heart for missions. When a need arose for AFLC missionaries to go to Uganda, the Jores answered that call and their ministry in Uganda began in 2006.

When they first established their ministry, Nate and Rhoda recognized the need for biblical training for the Pastors there in Uganda. The Ambassador Institute Program was developed to fulfill this need. It is a two-year theological and biblical training curriculum designed to be taught orally, with the opportunity to continue with the third year in the study of Romans.  The solid, biblical training has been transformative for many. The Jores have seen the effects of false teachers in Uganda, yet many desire to understand and believe the truth of Scripture. Students who complete the program receive a knowledge of the Word of God for themselves and the ability to teach others about the Gospel. At this point, Ambassador Institute in Uganda is headed by national leaders. The program began with just one class; now there are forty classes throughout the nation of Uganda, all filled with individuals who desire to study God’s Word.

The Jore Family

Nate, Rhoda, and their children: Elijah, Judah, Hannah, Jeremiah, Julia, and Evie Mae

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Over time and with dedication, the Jore family has built close relationships with the Ugandan people in their community, with their farm being a tool for opening those opportunities. Visiting with neighbors and investing in the everyday activities of the community is a large part of the Jores’ ministry.  One aspect of Ugandan culture that they appreciate is the hospitality that dictates daily life, witnessing in particular the deep regard and respect the people of Uganda have for the elderly. Although some in their community are biblically illiterate, the Jores have seen a desire in the hearts of many to know God and His Word. Nate has given special discipleship training to a few young men during the lunch hour every weekday. Nate states, “I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and studying the Scriptures with them and reliving it through their first-time experiences.”

Currently, the Jores have focused on developing church gatherings in their local area. The young men who Nate has been disciplining are being prepared to lead church gatherings. For example, when they were starting to plant a church, they were going through the book of Acts. “We were reading through the book of Acts,” Nate shared, “seeing how the early church was spreading and functioning. It was really good to see them learning the process and putting it into practice immediately.”

With many in the community studying the word of God for themselves, the Jores have seen ideas about how they originally thought about church change. Church in Uganda, like anywhere, can become like a show or a business in some cases. Whatever the man in charge says becomes the gospel, meaning whatever he says is not questioned. He is no longer held accountable by anyone, leading to many instances of corruption and prosperity gospel. “With guys we have been working with and families we have been working with, we have encouraged them to see church as the body,” Rhoda shared, “It’s been a slow shift, and it’s really been beautiful to see and to see their excitement.” Nate and Rhoda desire to witness church gatherings centered on the truths of Scripture and church leaders who would be trained to establish their churches in the Word of God.

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