Michael Rokenbrodt

Michel Rokenbrodt is a seasonal missionary, working with Ambassador Institute in Uganda for half the year and coming home to the United States for assisting youth camps. Originally and teacher, Michael loved investing in his students but felt restless. By invitation of his good friend Micah Berger, he traveled to Uganda and has felt called back ever since. He was commissioned as an AFLC missionary in 2018.

For part of the year, Michel is in Uganda serving in his role as a support to the national leaders and the full-time missionaries stationed in Jinja.  Because of his unique position, his focus of the ministry can be flexible and adapt to the needs of the time. In 2018, Michael spent time with Micah, exploring locations for possible church plants and speaking in local schools.

Michael Rokenbrodt

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Recently, Michael has used his gifts in teaching to assist with Ambassador Institute.  A biblical training program, Ambassador Institute has the goal of discipling churches in the knowledge of God’s word. It is uniquely reproducible, giving students the confidence to teach others about the fundamental truths they have learned. This method of teaching has been extremely successful in the culture of Uganda. Teachers from Ambassador Institute go into any church that desires to receive the training. Thus, Michael has been in multiple churches in Uganda as a co-teacher. “Teaching with Ambassador Institute,” Michael stated, “I get to continue to keep all the wonderful aspects of teaching that I love, all for the glory of God.”  Michael affirmed that the oral approaches to teaching from Ambassador Institute brings to life the reality of faith coming through hearing the Word of God.

Michel also loves creating new ways for people to further understand the truths of God’s Word. For example, he directed a biblical film project, Here’s Mud in Your Eye, a retelling of Jesus’ healing of the blind man. Michael continues to share his great love for storytelling through the formation of these film projects with friends in Jinja.  He has also enjoyed encouraging the local leadership of Ambassador Institute with the goal of continued discipleship in following Jesus Christ.  The continued training of zonal leaders allows for the ministry of Ambassador Institute to expand into a larger geographical area.

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