Micah & Famke Berger

Micah and Famke Berger completed their service with AFLC World Missions at the end of 2020. We invite you to continue to pray for the Bergers as they move to MN and seek the Lord's will for their future.

AFLC World Missions will continue to receive gifts that are designated for the Bergers to help replenish funds that were used to keep the Berger family on the field.

Micah began his ministry in Uganda in 2011 as a Short-Term Missionary under Nate Jore. Micah was commissioned as a full-time Missionary in 2014 and began serving in Uganda.

Micah and Famke were married June 4th, 2015. Famke is from the Netherlands and has ministered to children in Uganda since 2008. Before they were married, Famke had an adopted Ugandan daughter, Naomi, who was born in 2010.


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Micah: April 14
Famke: May 16
Naomi: October 16, 2010