Jonni Sliver

Jonni Sliver has served as a missionary with AFLC World Missions since 2011.  She first felt a call to ministry in her twenties while in Israel and has worked in various ministries before coming to the Miriam Home in Campo Mourao, Brazil.

The Miriam Home was founded in 1990 when a single mother passed away in the hospital, leaving behind baby Roberto. The social workers of Campo Mourao were looking for a place for him to stay while they located his extended family. They knew about the Bible School and Seminary led by Connely and Caroline Dyrud and asked if they could take care of the boy. Seeing the need for a foster home for children in need throughout their community, the Dyruds created the Miriam Home.  “In Brazil, there is no foster care system,” Jonni said, “so if children need to be taken out of their home for their own protection, they go to a shelter. We are the shelter in Campo Mourao.” Unlike an orphanage, the children that come to the Miriam Home are in transition for various reasons. Sometimes it is just a place to stay while a single mother is in the hospital, other times the children are waiting for a new adopted family.

Jonni Sliver

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The Miriam Home is currently under the administration of Pastor Silvio and facilitated by “house moms”, evangelical Christians who have a heart for serving the Lord by caring for these children. Jonni and the other house moms strive to bring the Lord’s healing to each child that comes through the door.  She affirmed, “Our primary calling is to be God’s tool to minister His love and His healing into the lives of frightened and wounded children. Every kid that comes here, whether for a few days or for a year and a half, comes scared. They all have a hurt, and the One that will help them feel better is the Lord.” Jonni’s great joy is being used by God to share this healing with the children.

One of her favorite aspects of her service in Brazil is the opportunity to fulfill all kinds of different jobs. Where her home is located on the campus, she can see both the Miriam home and the girls’ dormitory, embodying her two major roles.  She teaches a class on missions at the bible school and has enjoyed being a mentor to many of the students, along with her duties at the Miriam Home.  “I get to act as a Grandma, Sister, and friend. It’s wonderful,” Jonni stated. Continuing in the service she is doing, Jonni seeks to meet the needs of every child that comes to the Miriam Home, sharing with them the love of Jesus Christ.

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