Justo and Patricia Pillman complete their service in Ecuador

Justo and Patricia Pillman and their family have faithfully served as missionaries in Ecuador for more than six years. They have served a local congregation, been involved in youth ministry and helped some local homeschool families. Many of the goals they had when they first went to Ecuador have been met and they believe the ministry they have been involved with can now be turned over to Ecuadorians. The AFLC World Missions Committee has accepted their request to return to the United States. The Pillmans will leave Ecuador the end of June but will continue to work for AFLC World Missions until the end of July. They will continue to be connected to AFLC World Missions as missionary candidates who will be awaiting future assignments. The World Missions Committee and the Pillmans will continue to pray for direction regarding their future missionary service. The Committee gives thanks for the Pillmans’ faithful service and the ways God has used them in Ecuador.
Pastor Craig Johnson – World Missions Committee Chairman