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 What is Orality Training?

null1. It is an emphasis on using the Bible as it written
a. It is the actual written text of the Bible
b. It is an emphasis on memorizing and meditating on Scripture
c. The Bible is 75% narrative
d. Jesus used parables and questions
2. It is a multi-sensory learning style
a. What you remember most easily
b. What you hear in the story
c. What you see in the actions
d. What you experience when you are engaged in the story
e. It allows for scripture to be put to music, dramatized or drawn
3. It is an interactive teaching and discovery process
a. That is led through a series of questions and answers
b. A student remembers what they have been engaged in
c. It leads to ownership of the text
d. The Holy Spirit is the one that reveals truth
4. It emphasizes Biblical application
a. The lessons of the Word are intended to be obeyed
b. It relates to our lives through the people of the Bible
c. Individual application comes to a specific person’s life through the Holy Spirit
5. It is a powerful communication tool
a. The Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword
b. The Bible crosses cultures and spans time
c. It evokes emotion and personal experiences
d. The Bible is written in multiple languages and can easily be used as the text book
e. Asking questions allows the students to be thinking in their mother tongue
6. It reaches those that learn through other means
The U.S. is listed as 86% functionally literate by the National Adult Literacy Standard, that means
a. 14% are illiterate
b. 29% are functionally illiterate
c. 44% prefer oral learning as opposed to written text
d. 13% are highly literate and prefer to learn through written text